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IWsLicense Methods

The IWsLicense type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleGetAvailableLicenses
Gets information about the licenses purchased. Using the method AvailableAddonLicense() of Aruba WsEndUser, you can get detailed information on licenses purchased by the user
Public methodCode exampleGetPurchasedLicenses
The method obtains the information about purchased licenses. Using the method GetPurchasedLicenses() of Aruba WsEndUser, you can get detailed information on user's plesk licenses upon authentication with licenses addon on and the respective amounts.
Public methodCode exampleSetEnqueuePurchasePleskLicense
Append the activity of acquiring a license plesk and license type addon. Using the method SetEnqueuePurchaseLicense() to Aruba WsEndUser you can buy a license specifying the license mother with licenses Addon and the corresponding quantities. The acquisition of licenses plesk can be composed of a license of type 'base' and by a series of additional add-on. Additional add-ons have a relation of compatibility with the base license: not all the add-ons may be compatible with the basic license date. The add-on have a relation of compatibility with other add-on: not all the add-ons can simultaneously be added to a basic license, but the presence of some add-on rule out the possibility of adding other.
Public methodCode exampleSetRemoveLicense
Remove a purchased license that was active state. Using the method SetRemoveLicense() by Aruba WsEndUser, you can remove a license, if associated with the account with which you all the method. In case you want to remove the license is associated with a different account, an error message is returned and the operation will fail. The operation of removing the license can not be completed if there is a transaction relating to the license, appended with error or status other than Completed.
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