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IWsEndUserSetEnqueueServerArchiviation Method

Performs a storage operation of the specified virtual server. By the method SetEnqueueServerArchiviation () of Aruba WsEndUser, you can append operation (Job) storage of the virtual server specified by parameter ServerID.

Namespace:  Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser
Assembly:  Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser (in Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser.dll) Version: (
WsResult SetEnqueueServerArchiviation(
	int serverId


Type: SystemInt32
Value of type System.Int32 which is the unique identifier of the virtual server to archive.

Return Value

Type: WsResult
The method returns an object WsResult containing information on the outcome of the method call. For further details on the information returned by the method refer to the definition of the class WsResult.
The following example describes a user-defined method, called ArchiveVirtualServer(), which through a call to the Aruba WsEndUser SetEnqueueServerArchiviation() method, inserts the virtual server indicated in the group of archived machines.
private void ArchiveVirtualServer()
    WsResult result = client.SetEnqueueServerArchiviation(685);

    if (!result.Success)
      throw new ApplicationException(String.Format(
        "An error has occurred while invoking SetEnqueueServerArchiviation(). {0}", result.ResultMessage));
  catch (Exception ex)
    throw new ApplicationException(String.Format("An error has occurred while archiving a virtual server. {0}", ex.Message));
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