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IWsEndUserSetEnqueuePersonalTemplateCreation Method

Allows the user to create a new template from primary disk of a virtualMachine active on the system. The method performs the export of primary disk of the virtual machine in the FTP user folder. The method combines a number template to some data required for its characterization and identification in the system.

Namespace:  Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser
Assembly:  Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser (in Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser.dll) Version: (
WsResult SetEnqueuePersonalTemplateCreation(
	NewPersonalTemplate template


Type: Aruba.Cloud.Provisioning.EntitiesNewPersonalTemplate

Takes as input an instance of the type NewPersonalTemplate:

• virtualmachineID int: unique identifier of the Datacenter of the machine base from which to export the disk • TemplateDescription string description (short) of the personal template • TemplateExtendedDescription string optional. Detailed description of the Personal Template • OSVersion string optional version of the operating system • OSFamilyID int family of operating system • ApplianceTypeID int option type of appliances • Revision string version of the template in the template • TemplateUserName optional string: username for access to the machine where you created the template and must be used to access the machines that will be created with the new template • TemplatePassword string optional password on all'username • TemplateBounds data structure that identifies the maximum and minimum values ​​of the resources CPUI, Ram, Hard acceptable to the creation of a new machine • TemplateLicenses: not used because the licenses will be derived from source server. • Icon byte [] optional icon 128x128 png, gif, jpeg template.

Return Value

Type: WsResult
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