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IWsEndUserGetVirtualDatacenterCost Method

Get price's details of account virtual datacenter's components. By call to GetVirtualDataCenterCost method it's possible know price's details for each virtual datacenter's component

Namespace:  Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser
Assembly:  Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser (in Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser.dll) Version: (
WsResult<VirtualDatacenterCost> GetVirtualDatacenterCost()

Return Value

Type: WsResultVirtualDatacenterCost
WsResultOfVirtualDatacenterCost contain data center information of authenticated user. For more information consult WsResult class and VirtualDatacenterCost class.
private String GetDataCenterCost()
  StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

    WsResultOfVirtualDatacenterCost result = client.GetVirtualDatacenterCost();

    if (result.Success)
      ServerCost serverCosts = result.Value.ServerCost.Where(p => p.ServerId == 825).Single();

      if (serverCosts != null)
        sb.AppendLine("Resources hourly cost for ServerId " + serverCosts.ServerId);
        sb.AppendLine("- RAM: " +  serverCosts.OSTemplateCost.TotalHourlyCost);
        sb.AppendLine("- OS Template: " + serverCosts.OSTemplateCost.TotalHourlyCost);
        sb.AppendLine("- Disks: " + serverCosts.VirtualDiskCost.TotalHourlyCost);
        sb.AppendLine("- CPU: " + serverCosts.CpuCost.TotalHourlyCost);
        sb.AppendLine("TOTAL (per hour): " + serverCosts.TotalHourlyCost);
      throw new ApplicationException(String.Format(
        "An error has occurred while invoking GetDataCenterCost(). This is the inner exception: {0}", result.ResultMessage));
  catch (Exception ex)
    throw new ApplicationException(String.Format("An error has occurred while getting datacenter cost. {0}", ex.Message));

  return sb.ToString();
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