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IWsEndUserGetCredit Method

This method obtain update value of account's amount.

By GetCredit() method it's possible verify authenticated account's amount By GetCredit() method it's possible also granted trust.

Namespace:  Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser
Assembly:  Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser (in Aruba.Cloud.WsEndUser.dll) Version: (
WsResult<Credit> GetCredit()

Return Value

Type: WsResultCredit
The method returns an object containing information about the user's credit WsResultOfCredit.
It’s possible call method by follow notation:

Below an example of response:{
  "ExceptionInfo": null,
  "ResultCode": 0,
  "ResultMessage": null,
  "Success": true,
  "Value": {
    "OverdraftLimit": 0,
    "Value": 131.4400
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